What Not To Sms Your Ex

In this day and age, a cell phone as become one of the most common devices out there coming in many shape and forms most distinctive of them is the iphone and the android.

Many couples tend to speak a lot through their cells and text message To Avoid the «loneliness» of being apart.A person which is not that great with words one on one, can easily become a «Picasso» to wordswhile writing text messages.

So far, you realized although you probably already knew that the cellphone is an amazing device. Buy did you know that it can actually sabotage your efforts to wining your ex back?

When you text especially after a break up you don’t always control yourself and text things that only hurt your chances. To help you avoid those mistakes, I have included the three worst syndromes of texting.
So What are the three things you shouldn’t sms after a break up?

The «Hey/yo» text messages

When you break up with your ex, you want to contact him/her but maybe you just don’t know how to do it. This simple text message might look easy going at start, but it will only create more awkward feelings between you and your ex. Why you might ask?

Well simply because they usually go something like this:

  • You: Hey?
  • Ex: Hey
  • You: Whats Up?
  • Ex: Not Much…

At this point, typically this is the point where you are standing there scratching your head on what to say next, and you will generally come up with nothing, but that’s not all, your ex feels the same uncomfortable feeling as you do. This makes him/her drift even further away, he/she feels like «the magic is gone» and there’s no saving this.

The Needy Text

Example of needy texts:

  • «why aren’t you answering my calls»
  • «where are you»
  • «why don’t you love me anymore»

This kind of text message only shows your ex he/she was right on the decision he/she tock because it makes you look to insecure and totally lack of self-esteem.

Who wants to be with «that» naggy unconfident guy/girl who always up in your business and has no life, that’s right…  no one and neither will you if it was the other way around.

Third Type Of  Text «Begging»

  • «ill change, I’ll change I promise. I can’t live without you, please…»
  • «please don’t date anyone, we can still work this out»

This is by far the worst thing you can do. Wanting your ex back is one thing but in order to get him/her back you need to realize that you if want your ex  back think about why you don’t need him/her back.
If he/she won’t come back you won’t crawl up and die in a corner, if you understand this simple fact, you will be a lot closer to getting her back.

When you finally reach that point where your ok without your ex not coming back, that will be the turning point of her being afraid to lose you for good, this will be the point where she will start to want you back, If you find this a bit hard to digest then text your ex back is the right thing for you, keep reading to find out more about it.

What Is It

Text your ex back is a made for men and women, who experienced break up and want to get their ex back but as many people know, just walking and explaining to your ex won’t simply work.

As the name implies text your ex back teaches you simple ways to get your ex back by using tiny and simple text massages. Mike fury the creator of text your ex back was also interviewed by times magazine and on national TV.

Text Your Ex Back Review – What I Like

The text your ex back is a pretty straight-forward  product, but it got some benefits that aren’t mentioned when I broke up with my girlfriend, there was a lot of buzz around it my family, her family, my friends, her friends, it seemed like everybody  wanted a piece of the action a thing I really hate because I love my privacy, and I keep my private things to myself knowing this my girlfriend used the sharing to hurt me and keep me away, so I tock a step back.

But these text massages, allowed me to get a way back in without much noise. I’m sure she shared some of them with her friends, but at least it wasn’t «open war,» and it was much more private the way I wanted it to be.