Signs that Your Ex Still Likes You

«Signs that your ex still likes you» is something which lingers in most people’s mind after breakup or at least something which they are desperate to know about just in case if they want their ex back. These signs are pretty much explicit once you pay a little attention to what’s happening around you. These signs may seem nothing but it’s the least you might want to expect from your ex.

  1. Was the breakup a sudden decision? Yes, It was just due to a sudden decision Yeah, but there was already some misunderstanding No, It was due to long term misunderstanding
  2. Were you happy most of the time you were together? Yes, we were having a great time mostly We were having both great times and worse times No, mostly it was just fight and arguements
  3. Do you generally want the same things? Yes, we have the same opinion on many aspects of life We have a equal mix of same and different opinions No, we differ on many aspects of life
  4. How do you feel about your ex? I miss him/her so much Not much, but at times and i miss him/her Nope, I dont miss him/her, but i just like to get my ex back 5: Whenever you think about your ex relationship… I smile, which eventually turns into tears, as i miss him/her It puts in both wonderful and sad moments in my mind Mostly its about the pains i had in the relationship

Here are some of those sure signs which could tell you if your ex still likes you

Sign 1

If you find you’re ex still having contact with you for more than one reason then I guess your ex wants to initiate something other than what he/she is having with you. After a long time of your break up and if you find your ex looking at you and saying ‘hi’, that’s a good sign! Coz your ex seems to have some feelings for you. May be not quite like he/she wants to be with you but it’s a sure sign of liking and obviously seems to have forgotten something bad of you. If you think your changes have something to do with this, I think you deserve an appreciation.

Sign 2

Most people if they tend to forget something in their life, they might avoid everything which would psychologically provoke them. If you ever find your ex lingering around in some of your favorite hot spots which you used to hang out together, then it could be a sure sign. But you need to make sure, that spot isn’t obvious for someone to be there for some reason like if it’s an office area or a place convenient for your ex to hang out.

Sign 3

If your ex had immediately started dating some other person, and makes a point that you know about it, then you can assure yourself that your ex is trying to make you jealous. Nobody can date some other person when they are freshly broken up unless they have some purpose for it.
Some of them would not try looking for anyone new or pursue any relationship anytime soon.

That is because these sorts of people are a little sensitive which prevents them to think about new relationships and would think before they actually put themselves into a new bonding.
May be, you could wonder why your ex broke up with you in the first place? Guess what? Time and situation has got everything to do with it. And I bet its not very late that your ex would realize that.

Sign 4

If it is a sure situation that you guys need to see each other every day like an office environment for example, and if your ex ever get to talk to you for some reason. It could be for, nothing personal or for anything and if you ever find your ex getting emotional i. e. abnormally emotional or some people used to express their loneliness unconsciously. These are possible signs that your ex is missing you.

Sign 5

If your ex makes an effort to spend some time with you when you really need someone then it means one thing, your ex cares for you. If you ever find your ex flirting and suddenly watching over his actions with you, then your ex seems to act involuntarily which means your ex cannot forget certain situations or may be you are the right person to make your ex comfortable coz only when people get comfortable they get to show involuntary, without knowledge, response.

All these signs vary psychologically from person to person so its better you look out for those signs keenly coz some may not be quite explicit as you think, before you conclude yourself with any assumptions.  

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