How to Win His Heart Back In 3 Weeks!

Life is a journey that requires a partner all the time. Many a times in life you find someone who appears perfect to accompany you in this trip but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstance you may loose him. This literally stops your journey and you feel like quitting before the time. This article on how to win his heart back is all about generating hope in the hearts of all broken people and telling them exclusive methods of getting him back in just 3 weeks.

It is quite possible and thousands of people have found success in getting there ex boyfriends back by applying these rational tips. The rule behind all this is quite simple: make him love you and make him helpless even if he tries to drop you. Right after the breakup both of the partners is usually in intense mental stress and fails to cope with situation in the most appropriate way. Here are some of those exclusive tips that have brought happiness in the life of masses and your life should not remain an exception anymore.

If you want to win his heart back then you have to take care of some do’s and do not’s. Top 7 and highly rated tips to win his heart back are listed below.

How to win his heart back by loving him

This point should be as clear in your mind as mirror. Love is something that is not described in words, rather it is felt. If you want win the heart of your ex lover then you have make up your mind and understand that he is the one with whom you want to spend your whole life. If you really love him then all your acts and all your worlds will have the energy to attract him and for all this you would not require an effort.

Show your love

Yes, when you love someone then it might get necessary to express your love to let your beloved one understand your feelings. It is worth mentioning that expressing your love for your ex boyfriend does not mean to buy expensive gift for him or saying him ‘I love you’ every 10 minutes. Rather your emotions should be expressed through your acts. Your condemning the enemies of your ex and praising the activities of your ex will simple make him realize that you are still deeply involved with him and is by his side through any kind of situation.

Make him love you

Are you the one he wants? If you are his ex then you must be only person in this planet who would know his preferences. Learning how to win his heart back involves a little bit effort as you have to intentionally take some measures to look the way he wants and attract him towards yourself. This would require strong rational thinking. For example: you will be knowing that your ex boyfriend likes the girls that are decent and sober and care confident in their words. If you let yourself drown in the turbulent flow of emotions and start pleading to him every other night then there is no way that you should expect him to love you.

Give him space

You want to be his lover not the spy. Do not question his activities and raise fingers on the things you do not like in him. Always remember that it is you who want him back so you have to sacrifice a few things. Men do not like girlfriend and wives who try to sneak into their personal domain by checking their telephone history and going through their cell phone call records.

Do not cheat on him

No one can hide lies and relationships bases on lies can never be everlasting. Many girls try to date with new men right after their breakup trying to show their importance to their ex. This is sickening idea as this will close all your doors back to your ex. This will hurt the ego of your ex and devalue you forever.

Do not try to contact him

Whenever the heat of situation is burning you two it is better to let things cool down. Trying to grasps things in burning heat will bring some more pain to you. In first week after the breakup you and your ex would be very tender and emotional and starting a discussion will just land you in blame game. It is after a week or two when both of you start feeling loneliness and this would be ideal time to initiate your strategy to win his heart back.

Do not lose heart

Getting depressed will deprive you of your power of rational thinking and this is something that you would be required all the time while trying to win his heart back. Your crying out every other hour and scolding yourself for what happened between you two can never help you in bringing your ex back to you. If you want to win his heart back then you have to wipe away your tears and plan your strategy.

Winning your ex back would have never been so difficult if girls did not commit that disastrous mistakes in getting their ex’s back. Women are inherently very emotional and these emotions provoke them to commit these mistakes. There are few do not’s that must be avoided if you want to win his heart back in just 3 weeks.