How To Maintain Your Relationship

One of the shocking but a true fact is that around 25 to 27% of the married couples part away, that too this situation is more predominant among the age group of 25 to 30. Wondering what the problem is, it is said that some of the main reasons are ego and misunderstanding. But how to prevent is the big question that lures around. Here we can see some of the possible ways to overcome this situation.

Really, Should You? – Some of the relationships are better broken up. Should you put your energy and time into getting your ex back. Is your ex worth your pain and agony? Answer the following questions to find out Your Ex Goodness Factor (EGF) and then decide… Seriously… This is important and its your life!

Questions you need to ask yourself

  1. Was the breakup a sudden decision? Yes, It was just due to a sudden decision Yeah, but there was already some misunderstanding No, It was due to long term misunderstanding
  2. Were you happy most of the time you were together? Yes, we were having a great time mostly We were having both great times and worse times No, mostly it was just fight and arguements
  3. Do you generally want the same things? Yes, we have the same opinion on many aspects of life We have a equal mix of same and different opinions No, we differ on many aspects of life
  4. How do you feel about your ex? I miss him/her so much Not much, but at times and i miss him/her Nope, I dont miss him/her, but i just like to get my ex back
  5. Whenever you think about your ex relationship… I smile, which eventually turns into tears, as i miss him/her It puts in both wonderful and sad moments in my mind Mostly its about the pains i had in the relationship

Communication is the best way

First of all try to adjust with your partner. You are not going to lose anything when you learn to adjust; you are only going to gain a beautiful life out of it. Moreover many psychologists have said that persons who had learned to adjust among their families have emerged as great men and women. So whenever your partner scolds you are fights with you just be cool and also make them cool.

You need to shed your ego away. Ego is the most dangerous villain among the married couples. You may say that I don’t have any ego problems with my wife, but the truth is that you are lying if you say so. Every common man has a level of ego inside him; the problem is that how he reacts to the conditions. So the best way to sort this problem is to talk to your partner with an open heart. Otherwise you can also seek the help of some elderly people who had succeeded in their life. You can also meditate to control your anger.

Why I said so is that only 50% of problem arises from the ego but the rest is taken care by the anger that arises from it. The next thing that we are going to deal is about respecting your life partner. Respect and honor their feelings. Feelings are as normal as pain and joy. So when you are going to diminish, demean, criticize, mock, ridicule your partners feeling it means that you are acting in the most unloving and disrespectful manner. So just correct it. Try to give respect for their likes and dislikes whether it may be so mean.

Tell to them that they are your greatest asset, try to listen whatever they say and give your suggestion on it and always ask suggestions from them in whatever you do. These things really raise your stature in their heart. The final one is giving freedom to them. Don’t ever interfere in what they do. You can give them suggestions but don’t interfere because people like persons giving freedom to them. Don’t restrict them to certain limits but explain them what is their limits.

This will really keep them within the limits. Freedom is the most valuable gift that God has given to mankind. Give it to your partner they will love you. Don’t doubt them. This is the most predominant weapon in destroying your love life. This can turn all the above things down in moments. So why doubt your partner when he/she is your other half. Doubting them is like doubting yourself. So if you follow these above strategies then I am very much sure that no force can split you and your partner and you will be the best example for many married couples on how to lead a beautiful life.