How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 8 Biggest Mistakes

There are millions of people all around the world trying to find out t he answer to how to get your ex girlfriend back but not everyone gets successful in the end. Getting your ex girlfriend back requires logical thinking and making rational decisions. This is something that can not be expected from everyone. Many young boys commit disastrous mistakes while trying to get their ex girlfriend back. This article is about highlighting the deadliest and the most common mistakes committed by men in this regard.

The main reason behind these mistakes being so common is the poor understanding of female psychology and making moves under emotional provocation. The most common and the most disastrous mistakes are listed below.

Asking «Why?» while learning how to get your ex girlfriend back

Always remember there are no why’s in love. The saying that ‘everything that happens, happens for a reason’ does not fit in this case. When someone falls in love with some girl then there are always multiple questions that can not be answered. Asking your ex girlfriend ‘What I can do to change your thoughts? ’ or asking ‘why are you doing this to me? I did nothing wrong. ’ would bring more misery to your relationship. This must be avoided with conscious effort.

Contacting your ex girlfriend again and again

If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back then you have to avoid contacting her again and again. Many men try to invade her personal space and become irritating and annoying to her. When you want a positive feeling to develop in the heart of your ex girlfriend then you have to learn how to cope with your emotions and avoid texting her again and again or asking her for a meeting.

Poor communication

Once you two have gone through a breakup writing love letters does not help. Be precise and choose most appropriate words that deliver your message. Narrating stories and old incidents are just going to complicate the situations. Using emoticons can also harm the quality of your writing. Your letter should comprise of 3 to 5 sentences at maximum. The best method of communication is writing emails. Trying to contact your ex girlfriend on mobile or facebook would make things go spontaneous that would lack logic and good reasons.

Showing emotional agony

No matter how much hurt you are from inside the only thing that matters is what you look like to other. Similarly when you are trying to communicate with your ex girlfriend you have to control your emotions and have to act confidently. You being excessively sad or trying to be funny will deteriorate the situation even more. You have to be neutral, natural, confident and stern in your word. The sincerity and love should be evident from your tone. Limited number of sentences and correct selection of words will deliver your message in the best possible way.

Saying sorry again and again

The best way to apologize is to apologize once for all with all your sincerity. Saying sorry again and again will not only harm your ego and self respect but would make your words meaningless. Even after that if you get involved with that girl again you can not expect a relationship that would have equal element of respect in addition to love. You can say sorry both in written or verbal form but it is strongly advised to apologize once only.

Trying to be overly nice

Many men try to be overly nice to their ex’s and start trying to make her believe that you can do anything for her. You know what she would think about your behavior like this? «It is all his old crap!» This is not her fault. Actually this would be in a time when she is not deeply involved with you. Even if she has some feelings of love for you, that would be hidden somewhere deep in her heart. Your saying «I can do everything for you» will become meaning less in such situations.

Do not tackling with the reason behind breakup

It is useless taking out all the water from the water tank when dead bird is still in there. Similarly, right after the breakup you want you ex girlfriend return back to you, you have to eliminate all the reasons because of which she left you. This is a very logical point that most of dejected men fail to tackle after the breakup. Your dealing with such matters will build confidence and trust between you and your ex and shall smoothen out her pathway back to you.

Not getting the help

When you just had a breakup you have to admit that you are in trouble now. All your peace of mind will be lost and you would not feel like doing anything. Relationship psychologists have proved that sharing your thoughts will relieve a lot of mental pressure and shall help you in making rational decisions. Moreover, many a times when a person is in mental agony, he is not able to think openly with a broad frame of mind. So, when two or more person are involved there are chances that other feasibilities and tactics on how to get your ex girlfriend back would become evident.