Finding the right Russian woman

As I said in the last post,  alot of the girls on Russian dating sites aren’t looking for American husbands. But fear not…There are serious women on these sites!

Older Women

Most of them are older. Now don’t freak out, we’re not talking about women in there twilight years. But if a woman is in her late 20’s early 30’s and not married her chances to do so are dropping. These women look for happiness they have not found and refuse to settle.   These are not stupid women but very well educated. A woman only having a high school diploma is the exception because having a degree from collage is the norm. Many young women in Russian cultures get married early. The majority who do not will continue to live with their parents.

The woman’s chances of marriage decrease as she gets older. There is a shortage of men and women outnumber them significantly. There is not only a shortage of men but most important to the women a shortage of good men. The men are used to attractive women and take them for granted. Older women have plenty competition because many of the women are beautiful especially the younger ones. Men have their wives and many girls on the side, and many of the wives know it. Most women do all the housework and chores and the men do not help.

Many men drink and smoke. Drinking is part of their culture. Some older women decide this is not the life for them. She does not want to simply be a mistress. Having a family and children is most important in their culture, like having a good career is important in ours. The older women know and realize this. The younger ones on the site do not however necessarily see things this way. They do not believe this will be their fate. They are young beautiful and optimistic, and believe their life will be different. The site is just another option for them. They still have an open view on life and marriage. They get plenty of attention from their men.

So you may be interesting to her, but she does not see you as her only chance for finding a good man. You are just another option.   People believe these women are desperate and sad. They believe they want to leave their country. This is not true. Life to them is not sad only when you consider love. Ukrainians are a proud people. They love and appreciate life way more than western society where we have everything. They don’t think they are deprived or poor or lacking, so to think they are miserable and you are their escape from a sad life is a serious misconception!  

I Never met one that wanted to leave. They like their lives and their country. They would leave if they found love, but I never met one who was anxious to go. If you ever meet a woman anxious to leave and you have not spent a while making her fall in love be very cautious, she is probably scamming you.

Single Moms

Another serious woman is one with a child. She is not out to play games and will be serious about you. You will have more issues involving getting her and her child Visa’s, but at least your chances are much greater in getting a serious woman.


If you do not want her to have children, but want a serious woman another great option is a woman who is divorced. She is not one who will play games with you and is usually ready to leave. Divorce is painful anywhere. It weighs heavy on one psychologically. She may feel like a failure and carries shame over her failed marriage. I am not saying she is damaged just more likely ready to remarry and regain her honor. She will probably not have any problems leaving. So do not overlook these women they are really your best chance in a serious woman who is looking for a good man.