7 Biggest Mistakes People Make!

Getting over a breakup has never been easy. No matter how strong you are; for a moment you feel like you are the most unfortunate person in this whole planet. The bitterness of life makes you more and more grim and withered with every passing moment. Getting over a breakup is difficult for sure but there are plenty of things that one can do to have less harsh escape way. Due to emotional distress many people go to wrong side while dealing with a break up and make multiple mistakes that take them far away from blissful life.

In following paragraphs you will learn the 7 biggest mistakes that people make in getting over a breakup. If you avoid yourself from committing these mistakes you can save yourself from plenty of trouble.

Hurting yourself – First mistake while getting over a breakup

Were the bad temptations of your ex not enough to fill your life with pain? Hurting yourself is never going to help you. If you want to get over a breakup with ease then you have to stop hurting yourself. Many teenage boys and girls tend to cut themselves and even start thinking about committing suicide. But this is not the solution of problem. You got to leave madness and apply some intellect in your strategy of getting over a breakup.

Importuning your ex

It is quite possible that for once in your relation you might have thought about giving yourself to your beloved by just ‘being his/her’. But after the breakup you need to face the reality. Getting over a breakup need plenty of mental strength and decision power. Your begging your ex and asking him or her to give you some time will eliminate your chances of ever being in an equal relationship. Disgracing yourself is also a type of hurting yourself and this is something you must avoid while trying to get over a breakup.

Staying in contact

If you have to face a breakup after spending a lot of good time together then you need to know that all this is happening for a reason. There is not point of keep on talking to your ex or texting him or her after a break up. Getting over a breakup will become an ordeal if you are still in contact with your ex. You have collect all the happy moments that God had destined for your through your ex. Now contacting your ex and again indulging into blame-game will only bring anger and distress to you. Staying in contact is never going to help you in getting over a breakup.

Constantly thinking about your ex

What are you expecting to get by indulging yourself in the memories of your ex? The answer is «More frustration, More Pain». This is something that comeshow to get over breakup naturally after a breakup and many heartbroken people commit this mistake. Getting over a breakup is something like starting a new life. You need to discard everything associated with your ex and memories are not an exception. It is one of the biggest mistakes that people make in getting over a breakup that keep them frustrated and detached from the rest of the world even months after the breakup.

Going quick at a new relationship

Yes, having a new person in your life helps a lot in getting rid of painful memories associated with old one. But many young people, especially males, go too quickly at a new relationship in an attempt to get rid of pain associated with the old one. Sleeping with someone new is not the solution of problem. Haste makes waste and you need to make sure that you are not taking wrong decisions in getting over your breakup. Finding your friends is a better option than finding a new partner.

Keeping your ex as your friend

Many people will start taking this idea of keeping their ex as a friend in their life a positive idea. But the fact is that this is a stupid idea to keep someone in your life that has hurt you so much. You need to understand that this is not the way friends treat each other. To have a happy life you need to make your ex vacate the position in your heart for the new one. Getting over a breakup means getting over soft feelings for your ex. At first it may appear like fight with yourself but soon you will realize that it is dumbest activity to stay in touch with your ex.

Staying alone and doing nothing

Have you ever wondered why you never bother about terrible nightmare you have had a couple of days ago? It is because you are busy in your daily routine with your people. Bad incidents are to be forgotten and the best way of getting over a breakup is keeping you busy and developing new interests. Many people make mistake of staying alone, locked in a room, from morning to midnight and doing nothing. This is not the way you can get over a breakup. You need to discuss your feelings with your friends or a psychologist. Moreover, taking part into daily activities and staying busy helps a lot in getting over a breakup.