10 Things You Should Avoid to Do When in a Relationship

Relationships are complicated and we all wish that they came with a guide to enable us go about them. Women relationships are nit any easier, but here are 10 things to avoid in such a relationship.

  1. Do not give any room for doubt. Make your intentions and routine known so that your partner may know that they are your main person and you would not disappoint them in any way. Socialize with friends of the same sex or the opposite sex but do not specialize.
  2. Do not openly show your insecurities. You may be placed in a tricky situation as your partner may not be fully secure given your orientation or you theirs. This relationship requires, grace, strength and trust so as to clear out insecurities. This way, you are able to have peace of mind and not question their faithfulness to you when you are out and about and meeting people. Show your partner that you trust them as much as they trust you.
  3. Do not have a closed mind. Be open and willing to understand things from your partners point of view. This ensures that you are on the same page and reduces your conflicts.
  4. Do not make your partner feel inferior. Everybody seeks affection and adoration. More importantly, we all seek assurance that we are great and loved. Do not make your partner feel any less about himself or herself through your words or actions.
  5. Do not share your relationship issues with others. It has been said that sharing is caring but in some instances, sharing is scarring your relationship. When you have an issue with your partner, work it out with them and not people who do not understand the dynamics of your relationship. You might find out that most people are simply curious to know how your unique relationship is.
  6. Do not take your partner for granted. Your partner should feel loved at all times and know that you are lucky to have each other. Do not make them feel as if you are doing them a favor by being with them. To love is a choice and you should love fiercely.
  7. Do not lose the art of listening. Hearing out your partner is very essential in such a relationship because the dynamics are different. Learn to be silent at times so that you can listen to them and hear them out.
  8. Do not wish that you were in a normal relationship. Every relationship is different and has its own dynamics. Different individuals have different traits and the unique aspect that your partner has is that they are bisexual. Do not make this difference be the main issue whenever you think that your relationship isnt as good as others.
  9. Do not be ashamed about the relationship. Love your partner and love your relationship boldly. Do not try seeking approval or making excuses to others as at the end of the day it is your happiness and that of your partners that matters.
  10. Do not stop nurturing your relationship. Do you know what happens to a flower when it is not nurtured? It dies. Your dating relationship, just like the flower, is beautiful and it needs tender care and loving so as to sustain. By all means do not stop nurturing it and do not let the love burn out.